My Darling Baby-to-be 1

Dear my Baby darling…

You’ve been with me for almost four months now !! Yippie…I meant to write this kind of thing looong before, at the first time I know that I have you inside me, but there were so much distraction darling….I resigned from my job and started continuing my master study ( hopefully someday you’ll do more than me 🙂 ), I moved back to my parents’ house and so many things to catch up, baby darliing….but how I already have so muuuuch in my mind that I really wanna share with you…with my little baby darling!
Well, we still have about 5 months to go before I can see your beautiful smile and hear your loud cry..oh how exciting this waiting period.. cant wait to hold you in my arms, to hold those little hands, kiss those chubby cheeks…. 🙂
I write this so that you know how much I love you and hopefully someday you want to read this mellow yellow notes and maybe you can laugh at it (hiks….you must understand how mommy can be sooo mellow, happy and excited at the same time when you’re inside me).
Baby darling, till now i dont know you’ll turn to be a handsome brave boy or a beautiful cute girl..Doctor said that we can know by next month, on our next visit. Mommy is still thinking whether to keep it secret or to blow it up hihihi….but however, both ways will such an amazing journey for me and your Ayah. Both ways will be as much enjoyable, as much exciting…our pray for you is that you’ll be born healthy and perfect baby….and turn to be a sholeh/a child, and be the apple of our eyes 🙂
Oh ya, your doctor (well..more my doctor actually hehe) is dr. Susan Melinda, SP.OG… i do think she’s great…i only visited her around 3 times till now…but she’s kind of a funky doctor hehe..she considers about aesthetic things such as stretch mark on mommy’s belly and how to prevent it…(ooh sorry darling, stretch mark are gross, but i’d rather have stretch mark than not having you inside me hehehe). But thankfully she’s a great doctor.. she has her own hospital !!
I am thinking I will be delivering you there…
Baby darling….I think you are such a strong and brave kid. You know why? because you’re such a good baby. I dont know that I’m having you till my almost 7 weeks (hikshiks….i am sooo sorry baby darliing), i was still working at Balikpapan backthen…but you are such a great and strong baby, you didnt tell my that you’re already there…
You gave me no morning sickness 🙂 and even you make my appetite go crazy haha…i really want to eat anything at my first trimester (well, untill now actually). Most mommies cant eat this much because of their morning sickness, but you are sooo special, you make mommy feel healthy, you make mommy want to eat anything….anything for both of us ya? because now, i’m eating for two, for you too 🙂
But you know what my favorite food now? MANGOES!!! i can eat about 3 mangoes a day, even the raw ones..hehehe….i think i got it from your grandma. She said that when she’s having me (can you believe that i was just the same as you, coming from my mommy’s tummy too LOL) , she could almost eat 2 kgs mangoes a day ! 🙂
Yesterday, ayah and mommy went to Ace Hardware and we bought a weight scale. I wanna make sure that I keep tracking on my weight so you darling, you inside me will grow perfectly…and become a healthy child 🙂
Till now, i think I already gain 3.5 kgs since before i have you in my tummy. Your grandma said that I have to gain minimum 10 kgs till you’re born (or so that I read on some books).
Oh ya darling, talking about books…mommy reads sooo many books about having you inside…some of them makes mommy confused, some of them makes me scared ( many bad things that could happen to baby inside mommy’s tummy), but MOST OF THEM are very useful and it makes me more confident to raise you inside me… 🙂 I love reading soo much, i hope someday you will be such a book freak like me too hehehe
Darling, Ayah said sorry that he could only meet us once a week 😦 but I hope you know how much he loves you. Do you know how he shows it? By loving mommy more than ever 🙂
There’s one night when I feel very itchy on my tummy —- oh this one I will have to write later —-, i need a hot water to be kept inside a plastic bag and put it on my tummy. I know Ayah is very tired since he just got back from work, but he woke up to accompany me downstair, change the water gallon, wait till the water heats up. OOh ..mommy knows he’s gonna be a great father for you darling….maybe he doesnt show it the way mommy shows it, well…let’s just say he’ll show it by his own way hehhee….if you get to know him better later, he’s such a funny person in his own way. only mommy can understand his jokes sometimes, but i think since you have half of his blood, you’ll understand also 😉
Well, talking about the itchy feeling around my tummy…ooooh it’s killing me darling,hehehe….doctor said because you’re getting bigger inside me and my skin is stretching….so that’s why i feel itchy all the time, especially at night 😦
hehehe….but the good news is, when your father comes home, i can ask him to rub me all the time…it’s one of the way he communicate with you….you can feel the different right? when mommy’s rubbing you and when ayah’s rubbing you…. 🙂

Hoooaaaahm…..sleepy alredy baby darling? UUgh…uuuhm okay okay, let’s sleep then…nighty nite…
Be safe and sound inside mommy…. MMuuuaaach….



The coming of 2011

Facing a new year is (always) about making resolution.


Let’s pick some random people in the street, most likely you’ll find many different answers for their resolutions but typically the same : People want to be someone better in the next upcoming year.


As a child, you want to be a better child for your parents. Have some more valuable conversations with your parents, help your mom do the cooking when you’re home, go out more often with them, tell them how much you love them, buy them small but surprising gift – things that you rarely do this year, due to your lack of time, your time-consuming and demanding job.


As a sibling, you want to be a more fun one . Take your sister to a fancy restaurant when you’re  home, buy them their favorite pair of shoes, go to the saloon together, or simply just stay up late and do the chit chat with her till you fall asleep together- things that you thought so creepy but in the end, you kinda miss them.


As a parent, you want to be a more responsible and understanding one to your children. Be there when they need your advise (even though sometimes your presence is more than enough), have some days off from work and go have vacation with your little ones, listen to their ideas and not give a pre judgement – something that you didnt do enough this year  until finally, your children get out of your house starting their own life, and you’ll give up everything to go back to those old times.


As a friend, you want to be a more caring friend. Call your old childhood friends, the one that you only heard their news through Facebook (thank God Mark Zuckerberg(?) found it at the first time), go out with your college friends that you rarely meet this year because you live so far away – even when you come home, sometimes you just feel too lazy to pick up the phone and say hello to them,  or coming to your friend’s wedding – the ones you almost always miss this year because of those excuses you made up yourself.


As a student, you want to be a more outstanding one in the class. Raise your hand when the teacher ask questions (come up with answers of course LOL) , contribute more in the class, share the brilliant ideas to your classmates in class discussions – things that you just didnt try hard enough to do this year.


As an employee, you want to be a more loyal one. Finish your job within deadline, do some improvents here and there, perform well so you will get promoted, stop working late so you can have some life aftermath and stop complaining about your job- those things you do because for you,  job is a job, you need it, you dont want it.


As a lover, you want to be a more loving one. Ask your loved one to a romantic dinner (doesnt have to be fancy resto, though), take her out to the movie (and let her pick the movie), give surprises, pop up at his office and take him lunch (only God knows what happens after the quick lunch -LOL), support him when he’s down (without reflecting it all back to your personal need in the end), or simply just talk to each other till late (not the ‘heavy’ talk that will likely possible to end up in a fight) – things that somehow you never do it again after years of being together just because you take him/her for granted.


Everyone wants to be better. No matter what role you play in this world, everyone wants to be a better one.

People set their goal in this upcoming new year, set the targets, write a big poster titled RESOLUTION  and hang it in their bedroom wall and promise themselves to be able to reach those goals.


For me,

Making resolutions dont have to be done once the New Year come.

You can do it anytime you feel like you need a change.

Doing something to be better person doesnt have to wait till the clock stikes 00.00 am in the first day of January

You can do it right away when you feel you need to.

Treating people you love in a better way doesnt have to wait for a right moment to start

You can just start right away.


Now, I wont wait to do what I want to do. I wont wait to make myself a better me.

Simply because EVERYDAY you can actually make yourself a better person, without having to wait the New Years to come.




happy new year


-Novi Kumala Sari-

8 hours and 10 minutes to the New Year


We should be so thankful that God has given us a chance to experience the phase of life that we call : Youth age. We should be grateful that we didn’t grow up from a child and suddenly became an adult without experiencing some years becoming a youth. It is when we’re being a youth that we are starting to have so many dreams to chase and so many hope to count on, without concerning a lot about the barriers. It is when we’re being a youth when our minds are full of idealism that becomes our guidance.
When we were younger in our elementary school years, the word ASEAN was just an acronym that stands for Association of South East Asia Nations. No more than some chapters in our history books that we have to remember a night before facing the school mid-test. No more than ten countries whose position we have to remember geographically on the world map. No more than an organization that consists of ten countries and hey, my country is actually one of them!
When we were a little bit older in the end of our high school years, suddenly the history lessons are removed from our curriculum and we no more learnt about what actually happened in the past years of our nation’s journey. The system made us become an ignorant person, just because we were not given an enough chance, a chance to really get to know our history.
The reality is that ASEAN was not only a part of a chapter in our history books that has no meaning. ASEAN is much more than that, because it is our home, a home that many of us don’t realize. If only we realized that we are the occupant of a big house called ASEAN, we wouldn’t be so ignorance.
Being a part of youth generation, we are in the middle of a very strategic position in our nation. Youth are going to grow up, and in some few years, we are the generations that will become the leaders of our nations. In short, we are the future leaders of our country. This is a position that brings a lot of benefits and opportunity for us, once again, if only we knew how to use them well. Secondly, youth are the generation which started to dare to plan the future of their lives, not only to their own lives, but also to the lives of their society. Let me remind you another chapter of our history books about “Hari Kebangkitan Nasional” that was pioneered by a group of Indonesian youth, such as Dr. Soetomo, Dr. Wahidin Soedirohoesodo, Dr. Goenawan and Suryadi Suryadiningrat (Ki Hadjar Dewantara) more than a century ago. They were a bunch of educated youth who were dared to make such a big difference in the history of our nation .That day was remarked as the very important day when our nation had the gut to fight the colonialism, and it was all started by a group of youth, just like us.
How come the youth can have such a big power?
It all begins with something that we call idealism. In the mind of youth generations, idealism is a trigger that keeps us move on the track that we chose. This is the time when most of us start to form our mind set and idealism. This is also the phase when we try to find something that we believe. Some people say that this is an unstable phase when youth are easily provoked. But I will give you the different perspective. This is the time that we actually can use to make a better living through the role of the youth in building the ASEAN Community 2015.

ASEAN Community- A Noble Goal
In the ninth Summit of ASEAN in October 2003, ASEAN had agreed to launch the ASEAN Community that based on three pillars : ASEAN Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community and an ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. There is a very noble purpose behind this program which is to ensure a durable peace, stability and shared prosperity in the ASEAN region. In the end, this program is hoped to bring so many benefits for the ASEAN member countries in the security, economy, and socio-cultural fields. For example, one good result for the youth is this program will give an easier access in education. There will be an easier access and procedure if we want to study outside our country, to the other ASEAN country. There will be even a policy about the free-fiscal fee to help increasing the tourism sector between the ASEAN countries. Those are just a few of the benefits that we can get from the realization of ASEAN Community.
Behind the great noble goal of creating an ASEAN Community, there are some problems that sometimes we forget. One of them is the problem about the lack of awareness of the real existence and the function of the ASEAN in the mind of our youth generations. Most of the youth still look at the ASEAN as just another chapter of the history books. Hence, the youth are the potential segment to realize the real ASEAN Community. With our strategic position as future leaders, the idealism and the perfection that we hold on to, we are such a right target that should be shot. Using the theory of the ‘Marketing Principle’ by Philip Kotler, youth can be said as the targeted segment, the most important segment that should be concerned.
Why are the youth so important?
The youth become such an important target because we are the ones who will become the leaders of this nations once the ASEAN Community is realized in 2015. We are the ones who will sit on the parliamentary, we are the ones who will take an important role in the economic field, and we are the ones who will be the expert in our own expertise. In short, we are the front liners of our nations. That is why, we become such an important target to realize the ASEAN Community in 2015.

I accidentally searched something about ASEAN LOGICS…the conference i was involved two years ago….and suddenly i found this article…ugh, suddenly i missed them so much….

Workshops and Community Immersion Activities

If there is one project of the ASEAN Foundation
that really brings the youth to directly experience the challenges being addressed by ASEAN, it is the ASEAN Students Engaging Action for Local and Regional Contribution to Society or “ASEAN Logics.”
Proposed by the University of Indonesia, ASEAN Logics sought to address the challenges of low level of awareness
and absence of a ‘we-feeling’ in ASEAN among the youth through a program that would be people-oriented, encourage interaction among the youth to participate in the actual dynamics of development challenges faced by ASEAN especially in the functional area, and enable the youth to express and share their views on such issues.
In general, the program would involve two stages. First, a conference and workshop on identified issues would take place where discussions would be held with competent officials and experts after which a plan of action would
be drawn up. Second, actual field trips will be organized to allow participants to observe and experience living
conditions in the communities visited and to hold further interaction discussions among themselves. With such an
approach, participants would learn from both the working group discussions as well as from the site visits to observe
the problem taking place in the field, and the possible ways to overcome them.
After their site visits, the participants convened again in Jakarta for group sharing. Some of the stories and experiences they shared are definitely etched in their minds such as the experience of visiting a dying child afflicted with HIV/AIDS
in a modest hospital in Jayapura. One participant from Viet Nam remarked:
“ASEAN Logics is different. Here, we have the site visit and not merely theoretical knowledge. I’m going to bring the practical experience related to HIV issue in devoting myself for this cause in Viet Nam.”
Discussions were again held, this time at the ASEAN Foundation, on the ASEAN identity and the ASEAN Community, followed by a visit to the ASEAN Secretariat where the students were briefed on its functions and structure.
The organizers of University of Indonesia reported that the project successfully resulted in an increase of ASEAN
awareness among the participants and increase of the “we-feeling” as being part of ASEAN.

source : Promoting Asean Among the Youth

I was so lucky and blessed to be part of them, it was a once in a lifetime experience…Liyana, my roomie…miss you a lot!!! hehehe

Last Friday was my last time sitting in a class, listening to a lecture. It was ‘Strategic Planning’ class and Mr Mame giving us the lecture.

Hmm….i cant believe i am in the end of my college days…after spending almost 5 years in this institution..that day had come ….

Dwi was sitting beside me..not as usual, this class didnt bore me a bit. I looked through the windows…and some insects that we call “capung” in our language are flying high…together….

“Dwi…liat deh banyak capung terbang terbang…”
Dwi then said , ” Nov…bahkan capung terbang aja terlihat indah yah di kelas terakhir ini “….(or something like that)

GEe….she was so damn right, not until then i realized that i was in the middle of our last class in ITB. After this, all we gotta face is some final exams and the process of finishing our final assignment, a.k.a Tugas Akhir.

No more stressful night working on Layout Planning assesment..no more sleepy head listening to some boring lectures…

The five years in college have taught me a lot. So many laughter…so many tears…so many joy and lesson-learned….

So many love…so many loath

Five years that change us into a better person.

Never regret of everything that happen in our journey because this is the journey that made us who we are now. Lovers come and go, but bestfriends stay all the way.

Temans…terimakasih atas perjalanan yang berharga….atas cinta, kasih dan pengorbanan bersama

SOmeday, i will wake up and see your names on the paper telling all your success …and at that time, i will say : “Dia temen kuliahku….di TI ITB…”

EL 2246 : Impedansi

Novi Kumala Sari / 13404073 / EL 2246 Tugas 4

Impedansi dapat didefinisikan sebagai karakteristik listrik yang menjadi penghambat suatu daya listrik. Impedansi dipengaruhi oleh frekuensi sehingga sifatnya berubah-ubah. Satuannya adalah ohm.
Istilah impedansisering kita temui dalam perangkat-perangkat audio seperti speaker, earphone, dan lain-lain. Jika impedansi bersifat menghambat daya, apakah impedansi tetap diperlukan pada perangkat-perangkat tersebut?
Impedansi memang bersifat menghamat, akan tetapi ini membuat amplifier/receiver harus bekerja ekstra untuk menghasilkan tegangan yang diinginkan. Sebaiknya, impedansi pada perangkat lebih baik berukuran kecil sehingga akan makin banyak daya yang dialirkan sehingga suara yang dihasilkan juga semakin bagus. Akan tetapi, jika impedansi terlalu kecil, maka tegangan yang dihasilkan akan semakin besar (sesuai hokum Kirchoff) dan hal ini akan dapat membuat perangkat audio mejadi rusak.
Impedansi VS Resistansi
Impedansi pada dasarnya adalah gabungan dari segala jenis hambatan pada sinyal langsng dari sebuah aliran listrk, seperti resistansi, reaktansi, capasitansi dan seluruh factor mekanikal yang menimbulkan hambatan dari transfer energy dalam sebuah system.
Impedansi adalah hambatan pada arus AC dan resistansi merupakan hambatan untuk arus DC. Lambang imedansi adalah Z sedangkan resistansi dilambangkan oleh R. Akan tetapi, satuan keduanya adalah OHM.
Ukuran Impedansi Pada perangkat Audio
Ukuran impedansi speaker bermacam-macam mulai dari 2ohm, 4 ohm, 6ohm dan 8 ohm. Sebuah amplifier solid state biasanya dirancang untuk dapat menahan impedansi sampai 8 ohm, mulai dari 4 ohm. Berbeda dengan amplifier tabung yang hanya bisa menahan impedansi sesuai dengan sesifikasinya.
Headphone dan Earphone
Impedansi yang ada pada earphone. Headphone atau earbud biasana berkisar antara 16-32 ohm. Semakin besar impedansi suatu headphone, daya yg dibutuhkan semakin besar. Untuk headphone dengan impedansi besar, perlu digunakan komponen pendukung, yaitu amplifier. Dengan bantuan amplifier, headset akan mampu menahan impedansi ang lebih besar. Akan tetapi, saat ini sudahbanyak alat-alat atau headset yang sudah dilengkapi dengan amplifier terintegrasi sehingga bisa menahan impedansi sampai 600 ohm. Headphone dengan impedansi kecil dapat langsung dihubungkan dngan jack nya.
Headset Seri vs Paralel
Susunan Paralel


Jika gambar diatas dimisalkan dengan hambatan masing-masing 1 Ohm pada tiap earphone. Sesuai hokum Khirchoff, maka hambatan penggantinya (secara susunan parallel) adalah sebesar 0,5 ohm.
Berikut adalah perhitungan dayanya :


Dari perhitungan diatas terdapat penurunan daya sebesar 50% dari daya yang semula. Kesimpulannya adalah jika hambatan diparalelkan, dengan catatan besar hambatannya sama, akan terjadi penurunan daya.
Susunan Seri


Berdasarkan perhitungan yang sama, jika masing-masing hambatan sebesar 1 ohm, maka besar hambatan pengganti untuk susunan seri ini adalah 2 ohm.
Berikut adalah perhitungan dayanya :


Berkebalikan dengan susunan parallel, jika hambatan disusunkan secara seri, dayanya maah akan bertambah sebesar 100%. Semula dayanya adalah P, setelah dususunkan secara seri, daya berubah menjadi dua kali lipatnya, yaitu 2P.

Tegangan (Voltage )

Definisi Tegangan
Tegangan dapat didefiniskan sebagai adalah energy yang dibutuhkan untuk memindahkan satu muatan listrik (sebesar 1 Coulomb) dari sebuah kutub ke kutub lainnya yang berbeda potensial. Dengan kata lain tegangan adalah perbedaan potensial listrik antara dua titik dalam rangkaian listrik, dan dinyatakan dalam satuan volt. Besaran ini mengukur energi potensial dari sebuah medan listrik yang mengakibatkan adanya aliran listrik dalam sebuah konduktor listrik.
Tegangan dapat dikategorikan menjadi : (sesuai dengan perbedaan potensial listriknya)
1. Ekstra Rendah
2. Rendah
3. Tinggi
4. Ekstra tinggi
Singkatnya, tegangan adalah energi per satuan muatan.
Dalam perhitungan matematis, tegangan dapat dinyatakan sebagai berikut :

Simbol Tegangan
Simbol tegangan adalah v atau V.

Satuan (unit)
alam Satuan SI, satuan untuk tegangan adalah volt (V) . Nilai untuk 1 volt adalah sama dengan 1 J/C. Alasan pemberian nama ini adalah untuk menghormati seorang penemu baterai listrik, seorang ilmuwan yang terkenal yang bernama Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. Selain itu, satuan ini berasal dari penggunaan definisi tegangan dalam bahasa Inggris yaitu voltage.

Arus (Current)

Arus listrik dapat didefinisikan sebagai muatan listrik yang mengalir tiap satuan waktu. Arus dapat dikatakan juga sebagai muatan yang bergerak atau muatan dengan kecepatan yang besarnya berubah terhadap waktu. Arah bergerak arus listrik searah dengan muatan positif (proton) dan berlawanan dengan arah muatan negative (electron).
Ketika terjadi perbedaan potensial, akan terjadi dengan pergerakan muatan positif dari potensial tinggi ke potensial rendah. Untuk muatan negative, pergerakan terjadi dari potensial rendah ke potensial tinggi. Hal ini lah yang isebut dengan arus listrik.
Secara matematis arus didefinisikan:                           i=dq/dt

Simbol arus adalah i atau I. Simbol I diambil dari kata dalam bahasa Perancis: intensité.

Satuan (unit)
Dalam satuan SI untuk arus dinyatakan dalam satuan ampere (A). Nama ampere digunakan untuk menghormati seorang ilmuwan yang menemukan electromagnet pada abad ke -19 yang bernama André-Marie Ampère. Ampere juga dapat berarti ukuran dari jumlah elektron yang mengalir melalui suatu titik selama 1 detik

Daya Listrik (Electric Power)

Daya adalah laju hantaran energi listrik dalam rangkaian listrik. Dengan kata lain, daya atau power listrik adalah laju transfer energi listrik atau besarnya energi listrik yang berubah per detik.
Sehingga, dalam perhitungan matematis, daya atau power dapat dituliaskan sebagai berikut:
p = (dw/dq)(dq/dt) = vi

Simbol daya adalah p atau P.

Satuan (unit)
Dalam satuan Internatsional (SI), satuan daya listrik adalah watt (W), yang setara dengan 1 Joule/detik, dan juga 1 volt ampere. Nama watt digunakan karena untuk menghargai jasa penemu mesin uap, yaitu James Watt.